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The inaugural experience at THE LUME Los Angeles brings the vibrant works of Street Art to life in a whole new way. THE LUME Los Angeles is a partnership with Grande Experiences, the Melbourne-based company at the forefront of transforming exhibitions into experiences globally, and Magic Box LA, one of Los Angeles’ premier event facilities. Opening in 2022, THE LUME Los Angeles joins the ranks of this city’s most prestigious art and cultural attractions. Making its permanent home inside the Reef Building in downtown Los Angeles, the home to Magic Box LA. Much more than a simple exhibition space, THE LUME’s state-of-the-art design combines sights, sounds, tastes and aromas to give visitors a unique chance to enter into the world of the artist. THE LUME will breathe new life into the most essential visual art from around the world. The LUME is an invitation to see art in a new light, both playful and profound, exhilarating and liberating.


Australia’s Grande Experiences is an art and culture company with a global footprint, dedicated to the art of storytelling and the creation of transformative journeys of discovery.

Since 2006, Grande Experiences has created and produced over 210 touring and permanent exhibitions and experiences in more than 165 cities to 20+ million visitors, bringing to life the genius and masterpieces of artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, and the French Impressionists, as well as the beauty and wonder of nature and science.

The Grande Experiences’ story began when owner and founder, Bruce Peterson, relocated to Italy with his young family, to work closely with world experts on a new Leonardo da Vinci exhibition (artisans, historians, and scientific engineers in both Italy and France). With their invaluable assistance, Bruce successfully developed the first large-scale, comprehensive, touring exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. The vision was to take the fascinating story of Da Vinci to people around the world, so they could be enthralled and inspired by his genius. 17 years on, it remains the largest and most detailed exhibition of the Italian master’s works anywhere in the world and is still running in Rome, Italy.

Grande Experiences has pioneered the move from artefact-based exhibitions, to multimedia exhibitions, to fully integrated multi-sensory immersive experiences, large and small. The art of storytelling bursts into life, engaging all the senses simultaneously, immersing the visitor in an ocean of moving image, music, light, sound and even smell. Today Grande Experiences is one of the leading exhibition companies in the world.



Magic Box LA is housed in the iconic LA Mart building now known as The Reef, in DTLA. This one-of-a-kind event center has hosted an enormous array of special events from P. Diddy’s Revolt Media, to international art shows like Superfine and Photo LA, and marketing activations for 29 Rooms, Adidas, Entertainment Weekly and Fanduel, to name a few. With 120,000 square feet of customizable event space over three floors, Magic Box LA attracts arts, design, fashion, film, television, advertising, and tech industries seeking to fill their extraordinary event needs.