The Experience - THE LUME Los Angeles


Stepping into THE LUME Los Angeles is an epic adventure into art. This permanent digital gallery transforms the world’s finest art into fully immersive sensory encounters. The walls come alive as light ripples across every surface and masterpieces come to life. Curated tastes, aromas and a choreographed soundtrack add thrilling new dimensions to this 360-degree experience.

Explore, play, dance and marvel as every surface becomes an animated canvas: floors, walls and guests alike. Be transported as familiar landscapes become moving images that tower over you as you, create your own journey, linger where you please and be delighted by new perspectives on iconic artworks.


THE LUME Los Angeles embarks on its first adventure with a fantastic trip through the vibrant world of Street Art. Street Art Alive is a multi-sensory journey that featuring the work of over 200 street artists, taking visitors on a journey through the laneways and streets of more than 20 cities synonymous with Street Art, including New York, London, São Paulo, Melbourne and Berlin. The experience features 360-degree immersive moving visuals, a curated musical score that will sweep you away to each location and fully immerse you in the era in which the artwork was created, as well as eight sections of The Berlin Wall, which artists from around the world visited to emblazon political statements and powerful social commentary, turning it into one of the largest canvases in the world.

Visitors of all ages will be fully immersed in the diversity and color of this artistic movement. The 360-degree experience explores the motivations of the artists who live and breathe the world of Street Art, exploring the movement through the lenses of Vibrancy, Rejuvenation, Fight For Your Right, and Fresh Take On History.